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Vivek Kanwar, B.Sc., J.D.

Vivek started his legal career under the UrbanLawyers team, starting his articling period in June of 2023. Prior to articling, Vivek has worked as a legal assistant on Family Law, Personal Injury, and Wills & Estates matters.

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My Story

Vivek Kanwar is a distinguished law graduate with an impressive academic journey that spans two continents. Graduating with a Bachelors of Sciences with Distinction from the University of Alberta in 2018, he further honed his legal acumen at Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia, earning a Juris Doctor awarded with Distinction Class 1. Beyond his commendable educational feats, Vivek is an ardent enthusiast of sports and technology and is deeply passionate about mentorship. Vivek is currently a Student-At-Law at UrbanLawyers, articling under his Principal, John T.A. Stainton. His day-to-day practice is rooted in a philosophy of prioritizing clients' needs, believing that the essence of law lies not just in statutes but in positively impacting people's lives. Always eager to connect and collaborate, Vivek’s door is open to discuss new opportunities or even just the latest tech trends.


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