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Navigating Home Buying and Selling in Alberta: Understanding the Lawyer's Role

The Stresses of Home Buying

Purchasing a home is often an exciting yet stressful endeavor. The financial magnitude of the transaction, coupled with concerns about the property's true condition, can increase anxiety levels. While realtors and home inspectors play a vital role, they can't guarantee a defect-free property. The archaic principle of “buyer beware” remains a critical consideration during home purchases, underscoring the importance of diligent property evaluation even in today’s market.


The Lawyer's Role in Conveyance:

A pivotal aspect of buying and selling a home in Alberta involves the lawyer's role in the conveyance process. This involves ensuring the correct transfer of property ownership, managing financial transactions, and handling various legal aspects such as tax arrears, mortgage registrations, and payout of commissions. In scenarios where bank documents are required, legal fees may increase compared to cash deals or straightforward transfers.


Key Responsibilities in Conveyance:


- Ensuring correct property transfer

- Managing deposits and financial transactions

- Handling tax, mortgage, and commission-related legalities


Limitations of Legal Services in Property Transactions:

It's crucial to understand that a lawyer's services in property conveyance do not extend to advising on defects discovered post-purchase or handling legal matters after the completion of the property transfer. Once the conveyance is finalized, the lawyer's role typically concludes, unless the purchase contract includes specific provisions for post-sale work or holdbacks agreed upon by both parties.


Post-Conveyance Considerations:


- Legal advice on discovered defects is not included

- No obligation for legal assistance in post-sale disputes

- Need for specialized litigation services for legal disputes


Transition from Conveyance to Litigation:

In the event of a dispute, such as undisclosed defects or issues that could have been identified with due diligence, a separate legal representation specializing in litigation may be required. This distinction between conveyance and litigation is crucial, as they are distinct legal fields. If disputes arise after your real estate deal closes, UrbanLawyers can assist in the civil litigation process as well. We have experienced lawyers who can assist you for closing the purchase of your home and also, dealing with any dispute that arises afterwards.


Your Partner in Home Transactions:

Despite the complexities, a lawyer can significantly reduce the stress associated with home purchases in Alberta. They ensure a smooth conveyance process and provide guidance during document signing. While rare, if disputes arise post-conveyance, understanding the need for specialized litigation services is essential. Remember, asking questions and seeking clarifications during the process can greatly alleviate any anxieties associated with home buying.



This blog post is for informational purposes and is not intended as legal advice. The circumstances of each case are unique. For personalized legal advice, please reach out to Urban Lawyers directly at 780-228-7226. Do not send any confidential information until a client-lawyer relationship has been formally established through a retainer agreement.

Ready for Legal Support?

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in Alberta, contact Urban Lawyers at 780-228-7226. If you run into a civil litigation dispute, we can assist you with that matter as well. As your legal advisors, we'll handle the complexities of your case and advocate for your best interests.


Please wait to share any sensitive details of your case until after a formal lawyer-client relationship has been established.

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